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App of the Week: 1Password [Download Links]

Tired of changing/remembering/creating passwords? Try 1Password – remember one, control all. It’s super secure, super simple and available for free on Mac, PC, iOS and Android. Give it a try – you’re only stand to gain.

What we know about windows 9

If the gossips are to be believed, Microsoft is about to release the...

Blackberry Passport The Square Phone

I don’t remember if this is their 4th or 6th comeback into the market. Be it as it may, it’s still a comeback. The company had announced the Blackberry Passport a while ago

What’s IFTTT?

Lets learn something new today! Have you heard of IFTTT? No? Let me tell you...

Android One unleashed in India

We were told by Sundar Pichai, Vice President of Android and Chrome at...

What’s Letterpress?

If you’re a fan of word games, then look no further. Letterpress is both fun and challenging, making you want you keep getting back to the game no matter where you are!

Meet the Sony Xperia Z3

The Sony Xperia Z3 features a gorgeous aluminum design.┬áLike Sony’s...

Samsung Unpacked 2: The Note 4 Event [Video]

Samsung unveils the Note 4, Note Egde, Gear S and the Gear VR – each a capable competitor in their own domains. Catch every detail here (or watch it for yourself! We’ve embedded the entire event for you).

Moto G 2nd Generation

Moto is back. Although it came back last year with the Moto G, X and E. Moto comes in for a second round.The Moto G 2nd generation screen has been bumped to 5 inches from 4.5 inches with the resolution sticking to 720p

What’s Duet? [Download Links]

Get ready to dive into one of the most addictive and visually pleasing games you’ll ever find – Duet. It’s taken the world by storm. Now it’s your turn.